One of the organizers of 500 Milhas de Kart Granja Viana events, former IndyCar racer Felipe Giaffone, plans to eliminate the “chaos” between the teams, leading to a fight on Saturday.

Brazilian Karting Championship vows to ban

The catalyst for combat is the way many players use their slow kart to stop and disrupt the leader’s progress. Eventually became the karting of the MDG Matrix team, and also run the leader Philippe Massa, under the leadership of Tuka Rocha blocked Sambaiba Centerbus Racing chasing karting.

Driven by Rodrigo Dantas, Rocha repelled the blocking kart, and when he protested with Dantas, it escalated into ugly violence.

“Race chaos – we always hear this,” Giaffone said. “Sometimes the driver feels uneasy about another person and eventually collides on the track. But this time, it is so deliberate, and because Dantas tries to hit Tuka on the ground, his head hits the track and becomes more bad……

“He is a person I have known for a long time. This is not his first time to participate. I will have to work very hard. [Before that] This is a very cool game – one of the most controversial games we have. Of course, the people involved in the battle must be punished in some way.”

Brazilian Karting Championship vows to ban

When it comes to team strategy using a destructive strategy, Giaffone says he is prepared to reconsider the rules to avoid repeating the situation.

“There has always been a team game in the game,” he said. “But for a team to help yourself, not to bother another team.

“I would think of a way, maybe in the last hour of the game, no one can approach who is leading the game. Whether it is help or destruction.

“We have to make something to avoid happening again.”

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