Bumper entry for New Zealand's CIK revival

Talk about the year that started with your meaning! This week, more than 90 top karts across the country are heading to the KartSport Hamilton Club’s renamed Porter Group Kart Raceway to host a new New Zealand CIK trophy supported by the Porter Group, in conjunction with the 2019 South Korea’s first round of opening cup New Zealand. series.

Bumper entry for New Zealand's CIK revival

CIK-FIA is the governing body of KartSport around the world. The conference – New Zealand CIK and Challenge Cup trophy compete in multiple classes – is the annual meeting of the local kart calendar from 1998 to 2013.

One of the catalysts behind the reintroduction of the New Zealand CIK Trophy Conference was the recent addition of two new kart courses to the official KartSport NZ list, namely Vortex ROK DVS Senior and Vortex ROK DVS Junior.

Bumper entry for New Zealand's CIK revival

Specifications The Vortex ROK DVS engine is very tightly based on the current CIK-FIA OKJ class engine, the same level as the CIK-FIA Academy, which runs in major CIK-FIA events in Europe and other countries.

This means that for the 6-speed gearbox / 125cc KZ2 class, the sport now has three CIK-FIA categories, again based on an annual event.

In two other Vortex-based courses, Cadet ROK and Vortex Mini ROK have now been established at the local site (and part of the CIK Trophy Conference Challenge Cup Support Program), and this year’s Korean Cup season has begun. New Zealand Series – There are three main travel rewards for this weekend’s conference.

Bumper entry for New Zealand's CIK revival

The winners and runners-up of the new Vortex ROK DVS Advanced Class, and the winners of the Vortex ROK DVS Junior Class in Hamilton this weekend, each will participate in the annual Korea Cup International Conference in Italy in October, with prizes including free entry Field, use go-karts and engines and return tickets from each rider’s KartSport / Lascom Motorsport / Dunlop / Motul International Travel Fund.

Not surprisingly, the conference attracted karting in the country, including New Zealand Sprint Kart champion Mat Kinsman (KZ2) from Auckland, Jacob Douglas from Christchurch (Vortex Mini ROK, now ROK DVS Junior and Rotax Max Junior) And Blake is from Corin (Cadet ROK, now at Vortex Mini ROK) in Tauranga.

Bumper entry for New Zealand's CIK revival

Whether it is a long-term rival partner or 2018 CIK-FIA KZ2 SuperCup (Belgian Genk) runner-up Daniel Bray and his 2018 European campaign teammate Mathew Payne, Kinsman has 14 strong KZ2 lineups, both talent and possible . Class returnees Graeme Smyth (all of Auckland) or the impressive former juvenile luminaries, whose high-profile focus is now the KZ2 category, Ryan Wood from Wellington and Joshua Parkinson from Oakland.

At the same time, Jacob Douglas spent a very busy weekend around him and participated in two competitions, Rotax Junior and Vortex ROK DVS Junior. There are also Liam Sceats and Nathan Crang from Auckland and Rotax / Vortex Junior from William Exton in Picton.

The new Vortex ROK DVS advanced CIK Trophy-level Grand Lucky Draw is a ticket to Chris van der Drift, the current three-time Porsche Carrera Cup Asia champion. He now lives and works in Hamilton.

The 32-year-old was one of the top karts in the country before turning to the car and won the junior ICA championship (and trophy) at the 2001 New Zealand CIK Trophy.

Contrasting with him is a mix of youth and experience. Wellington’s female international actress Rianna O’Meara-Hunt represents the former, her long-term driving instructor – and four New Zealand sprint kart champions – Arie Hutton from North Palmerston, after By.

Chris Cox, a number of South Island champions from Rangiora, also entered Brad Still from New Plymouth, Braedan Snowden from Whangarei and brothers James and Ashley Higgins from Palmerston North.

The two Junior Challenge Cup courses received some best support again, including 19 participants (matching Rotax Junior) at Vortex Mini ROK and 18 at Cadet ROK.

Although it is difficult to see the defending South Island champion Luis Sharp in the Vortex Mini ROK, at least six other young players can win the Challenge Cup. These include Emerson Vincent of Pukekohe, Jay Urwin of Tauranga, Sebastian Manson of Auckland, Tom Bewley of Havelock North and Kiahn Burt of Palmerston North.

If the results from last year’s first half and WPKA Venus series can achieve any results in the Challenge Cup battle, then Cadet ROK will be more difficult to pick, which will make the local ace Riley Boswell and North Island resident Carson Daly, Ethan Church And Jamie Thompson played against South Island champion Arthur Broughan from Blenheim and Izaak Fletcher from Christchurch.

Từ 9:05 sáng đến 5:00 chiều, Công viên Porter sẽ có các bài tập karting, thử thách thời gian (vòng loại) và hai trò chơi đầu tiên của mỗi trò chơi vào Thứ Bảy, với phần còn lại của sức nóng cộng với Chủ nhật Chung kết và chung kết.









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