Daniel Ricciardo announced the 2019 single-art kart series.

The Daniel Ricciardo Series (DRS) will use his signature Ricciardo Kart chassis in the UK by age group for three categories: DRS62 (for 6 to 13 years old), DRS100 (11 to 16) and DRS125 (15 years later).

The first eight-round series will be held at the famous Clay Pigeon circuit in April next year. There is also a youth driving school where participants will receive special guidance before each round.

DRS will be run by Andy Cox, who has managed the Karting series for over 10 years in the UK and has been involved in karts for nearly 30 years as a driver and team manager.

“It’s unique for young people to participate in the Daniel Racing Series and will definitely help them fight for their dreams and develop their racing skills, just as Daniel himself has done F1 on the karting track,” Cox said.

“We are all very excited and look forward to welcoming Daniel in the 2019 Daniel Ricardo series, and he hopes to see the show for himself in his series”

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