Mercedes E200

Mercedes E200 2019 price with the cost of rolling in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and buying the latest Mercedes installment car in 2019 will be updated in detail by below, invite readers to regularly watch!

Mercedes E200

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam has officially announced an upgrade of Mercedes-Benz 2019 with many new points such as 12.3-inch screen using Vietnamese language, 17-inch multi-spoke wheels, … Current generation Mercedes-Benz launched Vietnam market in October 2016.

How much does Mercedes E-Class 2019 cost?

Mercedes E-Class 2019 has a long overall dimensions x wide x high at 4,923 x 1,852 x 1,468 (mm), wheelbase 2,939 mm. All 3 E-Class versions are equipped with 2.0L gasoline engines, 9G-Tronic 9-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive system, 5-mode operation options.

How much does Mercedes E-Class 2019 cost?

Mercedes E200 with a capacity of 184 horsepower, 300 Nm of torque, accelerating 0-100 Km / h in 7.7 seconds, maximum speed of 240 Km / h, average fuel consumption of 5.9 -6,3 L / 100Km.

Equipped with comfort and safety features, Mercedes E-Class is the advantage when compared to competitors at the same price range. Mercedes brand also has the advantage of extensive maintenance and service system, making it easier to reach customers. The selling price of Mercedes E-Class 2019 in Vietnam is from VND 2,099 billion, with 8 colors for exterior painting and 3 colors for interior, 3-year warranty or 100,000 Km.

The Design of Mercedes E200

By July this year, the 2019 E200 version will be upgraded by some German automakers to help the car more attractive to consumers. Noteworthy new points on the 2019 Mercedes-Benz will include a 12.3-inch entertainment screen instead of just 8.4 inches as before. The interface on the screen uses Vietnamese language to help users easily control the integrated technology on the vehicle.

Although it has borrowed a lot of designs from the C Class 2019 and S Class, the new generation of the E Class still makes it more bold. One of the features that attracted the attention of the 2019 Mercedes E200 is that the car is designed in an elegant Exclusive style with a small calendered face and a small 3-pointed star on the capo cap. There is an ingenious calculation of the designer when painting the two sides of the wind cavity by the luxurious chrome border and the right-to-left connection is very eye-catching. And 2019 Mercedes E200 price is suitable for many customers.

The Design of Mercedes E200

New 10-inch 17-inch wheels, open-pore wood-paneled interior, … In addition, the car still owns other equipment similar to the previous version. Especially, this upgraded version retains the price of 2.1 billion dong.

2019 Mercedes E200 possesses a long size x width x height of 4,923 x 1,852 x 1,468 mm respectively, the wheelbase length is 2,939 mm. The exterior of the car features a grille with 3 chrome-plated grille, Full-LED headlamps with integrated LED positioning pairs. See more news E-Class 2019!

Electric rearview mirrors with LED turn signal lights. Impressive rear end with LED taillights using dual LED technology, integrated dual exhaust on the rear bumper with chrome-plated metal. Rear camera mounted below the 3-pointed star logo.

LED turn signal lights

Inside, premium leather interior, nappa 3-spoke leather steering wheel incorporates multiple function keys to assist the driver. Interior luminaires can adjust 64 colors and brightness. The driver’s seat and the sub-seats are capable of multidirectional power adjustment, remember 3 positions. Touchpad controls the entertainment screen mounted at the central pedestal, 3-zone air conditioning system.

Mercedes E200 2019

Mercedes E200 2019 is equipped with i4 2.0L engine block, producing a maximum capacity of 184 horsepower, maximum torque of 300 Nm, 9-speed automatic transmission 9G-Tronic, rear-wheel drive system. Some outstanding safety technologies include ABS, emergency braking, anti-skid support when accelerating ASR, electronic balance, supporting vehicle stability when the wind blows horizontally, assists in horizontal departure, system Adaptive brake system, …

Advantages of Mercedes E200 2019

The 2019 Mercedes E200 uses the Direct-Steer electric power steering system with steering ratios that vary in speed to support safe driving. It is also equipped with Direct Select system (semi-automatic gear shift lever, automatic shift lever) on the rear of the steering wheel.

Advantages of Mercedes E200 2019

Especially with Dynamic Select control cluster, the driver can flexibly choose 5 different operating modes: “Comfort”, “ECO”, “Sport”, “Sport +” and “Individual”. In addition, the cameras and radar on the vehicle can recognize buildings, barriers and obstacles on the road.

With automatic parking assistance system on E200, all problems will be solved quickly. The new Mercedes E Class cars can automatically park when the driver stands outside. Through a phone installed with Remote Parking Pilot application, with connection to the car thanks to Bluetooth within 3m, the driver can easily command the vehicle to be parked remotely.

system on E200

ADAPTIVE adaptive brake system is equipped on Mercedes-Benz 2019 operating under the mechanism: by braking primer, the brake pads are placed close to the disc surface while the driver pulls abruptly from the gas pedal. Thus, it helps to shorten the brake response time and shorten the stop time. If you want to conquer the steep and winding ramps, rest assured that the system’s hill-climbing support function will prevent the car from drifting back after the driver is moving from brake to accelerator.

Mercedes is always concerned about user safety. Therefore, the ATTENTION ASSIST system on the E200 version 2019 will warn and remind you to take a break if the vehicle goes between 60 and 200 km / h. Based on driving behavior, the system will recognize your signs of fatigue, distraction or the car is on the wrong lane by emitting sound and visual warnings.


Mercedes E-Class 2019 is the only model in the mid-size luxury sedan segment assembled in Vietnam. With 3 options E200, E250 and E300 AMG versions are distributed at competitive prices, equipped with good features to help Mercedes E-Class have a competitive advantage over Audi A6, BMW 5-Series, Jaguar XF, Lexus ES … In addition to Mercedes E200 Sedan, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam also distributes two completely imported sports coupes: Mercedes E200 Coupe and Mercedes E300 Coupe.

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