He ended the FIA ​​Karting European Championship – Superkart was held on October 27 and 28, 2018 at the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans.

This is in line with the predictions and liveliness between the protagonists of the highest entry in the year (29 drivers), although some deaf students are missing.

In Salt, the amount of rain on the weekend is less than predicted, but the cold wind marks the season. Although Superkarts escaped from the shower, the track was often still wet.

Peter Elkmann (Anderson / VM), 2018 European Super Truck Championship

MS Kart (DEA) scored pole position after the second qualifying round, although the new season is drier, but against Emmanuel Vinuales (MS Kart / VM). The two Germans Peter Elkman (Anderson / VM) and Andreas Jost (Anderson / VM) had to accept the second row.

The rain of the first game has disappeared, but the wet tires still exist. Kout, Elkmann and Vinuales quickly gave up the team led by Yannick De Brabander (MS Kart / VM) and Alexandre Sebastia (Anderson / DEA), who had a good start. Jason Dredge (Anderson / PVP), Jost, was not very quick at first, and Daniel Clark (Anderson / VM) tried to follow them. Elkman continued his attack on lap 4 and took the lead against Kout and Vinuales. As the tires began to deteriorate, Sebastia overtook and gave up Debrabend, who tried to return at the end of the game, but in vain, and Elkman clearly led Kout and Vinuales.

At the beginning of the second game, Clark jumped up and tried to pass between the front row of drivers, but they reacted. Kout took advantage and Vinuales followed Elkmann. As before, the trio began to escape. Behind them, Jost passed De Brabander, then Clark.

Elkman was driving cautiously, a bit slower than the leader, because he was only retired to deprive him of his title. When one-third of the game passed, the battle of honors warmed up. Sebastia participated in the struggle between De Brabender, Jost and Clark. He was punished for not respecting the initial punishment and Sebastia retired. Kout flew to victory.

In the second game, Vinuales was able to satisfy him to return to the competition on the double podium. Elkman, the third-ranked player has never made too many mistakes, but he is more willing to win the second consecutive championship. Later, De Brabander 4th leads Jost.

Le Mans HERE final round results

Final classification of the FIA ​​Karting European Championship – Superkart

1-Peter Elkman 116 points

2- Adam Kout 105 points

3- Yannick De Brabander 82

4- Andreas Jost 75 points

5-Marcel Masman 58 points

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