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Go Kart racing near me? – Karting competitions vary from state to state, including indoor and outdoor tracks as well as different speeds, ages and safety regulations for each state. Select your status from the list below and you will get a list of indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks in the state. Also includes address, phone number, website and opening hours. Most websites contain speed, age and safety regulations.

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What is a kart racing car?

Known as the karting, Kart Racing is an open-wheel racing sport called kart. These go-karts have an electric motor that allows the driver to accelerate around the track to compete with other drivers.

There are two types of kart racing entertainment and professional.

Recreation involves small indoor and outdoor tracks in local hobby shops and entertainment centers. These are open to the public and are ideal for birthday parties and gatherings with friends. Often these go-karts have a safety side bumper and have limited speed due to insurance liability.

The professional kart race is where many professional NASCAR and Formula 1 racers start in the race. The professional series of kart races vary in size and speed, and the Superkart level breaks more than 160 mph. These professional kart racers travel and compete in the league and even have some sponsors.

Indoor track and outdoor track

Both types of tracks are very popular in racing cars. Usually for public racing, the karts of both types of tracks have bumpers around the frame that protect the driver, chassis and tires.

Indoor track

Indoor tracks tend to have more turns and fewer square feet. They also contain an external barrier to prevent the driver from hitting the wall. Indoor karts typically have slower speeds due to the square foot limit of the track.

Outdoor runway

Outdoor runways tend to be larger and have fewer turns (many are oval). These tracks usually have no obstacles outside. If the go-kart is leaving the track, you will ride to the grass area. Of course, if the track is next to the road, there may be some obstacles. Outdoor runways tend to have higher speed karting.

Where can I find a kart racing car near me?

Our list above contains more than 400 tracks in the United States. Each location lists the address, phone number, website address, and hours of operation for each track. However, there are many small businesses, such as hobby shops, mini golf courses and laser tag venues, and the go-kart track may not be on our list. You can try to find “Kart Racing” in Yelp or other local directory to find kart racing nearby. You can also do a Google search and enter “Kart Racing near me”, which usually displays a local list and uses Google Maps to identify how close you are to the racing facility.

What is the most popular public track?

When discussing the popularity, you will think of two franchises: K1 Speed ​​and Autobahn Indoor Speedway. The two companies have already played karting in the states and tend to attract the most enthusiastic kart racers. These venues hold normal public racing events, but special events and leagues are also held.

If you are serious about kart racing, then using one of these two venues is a great place to get your feet wet and find out if the kart is right for you.

Is there a different ethnic style?

There are many types of competitions in professional kart racing, but in normal entertainment, you only need a few laps for karting. Depending on the venue, the winner has two different ways:

Who will cross the finish line first (traditional competition)
Who has the fastest lap time recorded (no matter who finishes first)

Some public tracks perform both competitions at the same time, while other public songs strictly enforce one of them. While traditional games have a lot of fun and competition, they often lead to more accidents as people are trying to deliver more. The more you try to pass on to the greater potential dangers that you or other drivers bring. This is not to say that passing is not safe, but those who do not participate in kart racing often do not have a lot of practice on correct overtaking techniques.

Is the entertainment kart safe?

Entertainment kart racing is safe as long as the safety rules and regulations are followed. Most of the go-kart tracks available to the public have speed limits for karting, so they only accelerate to a certain speed. However, some karts on the track can accelerate to speeds over 60 mph.

For insurance reasons, depending on the speed of the karting, you must wear a helmet for most tracks. In addition, each track has some rules that you need to follow. Some people have rules about passing, slowing down when someone is in an accident, driver age, driver height, no open toe shoes, and how many people can be on the track at the same time.

On some tracks there will be an event official who will judge the game to ensure safety and fairness. In these cases, they often use whistle and a set of colored flags to alert racers to race status and warnings.

Each track is different and you should call in advance to make sure you meet the requirements of the competition. Kart racing is very safe as long as you use common sense and listen to and follow the rules.

It is important to install your helmet

A leisure kart facility will provide you with a helmet. It is important not only to wear one, but also to get a suitable one. If your helmet is not suitable for the head, then if your kart hits, your helmet will move and block your eyes causing an accident.

Why do leisure karts have bumpers?

Most public racing karts have bumpers, while professional karts do not.

There are two reasons:

Protect the driver during an accident and prevent other karting from running on it

Protect karts from other drivers (Karts are quite expensive)

Does the karting have a seat belt?

It depends on the style of the go-kart and the speed it can reach. Some states have clear regulations on the safety of karting, while others do not. If you want to know if it is safe to ride a kart without a seat belt… my answer is yes! If the kart is upside down, don’t be tied inside.

Is there an age limit for the competition?

Age limits vary by location. Some tracks are just children, some are just adults, and some are done at the same time. Age often affects the size and speed limits of go-karts. The youngest person I have ever seen is allowed to participate in the competition is 6 years old. Instead, I also saw a grandmother, who is about 80 years old, participating in the competition… She is great!

How much does it cost to participate in a kart race?

Prices vary from place to place. I have seen a $10 track for 10 laps, and I also see $10 for a $25 track. For birthday parties and large events, the price will of course rise depending on the number of people and the time you want to rent the track. If cost is an issue, you should call the business in advance to find out their rates. You should also ask if there are any additional costs, such as gas or safety equipment.

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