How much does Mercedes S450 cost

How much does Mercedes S450 cost?

Mercedes S450 is a luxury sedan that is receiving much attention from Vietnamese consumers. So how much does the Mercedes S450 cost? Let’s update the latest Mercedes S450 prices on the market in the article below.

Preliminary assessment of the latest Mercedes S450 version

About the exterior

Review of the new Mercedes S450 version shows that the car is sporty but luxurious and elegant. The exterior of the Mercedes S450 features a 3-spoke dual-spoke set of strong designs and a sharp front bumper.

In addition, the car also owns advanced and modern LED lighting system. This lighting system is designed like a stream that is falling down for a very nice feel. To create the impressive beauty of LED strips, Mercedes has equipped the S450 with the new MULTI-BEAM LED technology along with 84 individual LEDs. As a result, the lighting system of the Mercedes S450 is capable of maximizing illumination in any situation.

How much does Mercedes S450 costThe new Mercedes S450 version is designed with a sporty style

About the interior

How much does Mercedes S450 cost

Experts assess the latest Mercedes S450 car with a modern, comfortable and luxurious interior compartment with many high-quality leather details. In addition, the famous German car manufacturer equips the interior of Mercedes S450 with the most modern facilities such as: 12.3 inch screens for high resolution; Sporty 3-spoke steering wheel with integrated touch controls; …

How much does Mercedes S450 cost

In particular, S450 is the first commercial car in the world to have Energizing Comfort Control. This new feature allows the user to link in-car comfort devices such as: Air-conditioning system, seat adjustment function, heating system, etc., which are set based on mood or need. user use. Therefore, the interior compartment of the Mercedes S450 can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

About the engine, operate

The new Mercedes S450 is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine that produces a maximum capacity of 367 horsepower at 5,500 rpm to 6,000 rpm. Comes with it is maximum torque of 500Nm at 1,800 rpm to 4,500 rpm.

How much does Mercedes S450 cost

New Mercedes S450 car for impressive performance

Mercedes S450 engine uses 9G-TRONIC 9-speed gearbox with rear-wheel drive system. Thanks to this engine, the new Mercedes S450 version gives very impressive performance. The car can accelerate from 0km to 100km / h in just 5.4 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 250km / h.

About safety equipment

The latest Mercedes S450 version is fully equipped with all standard safety features such as ABS / EBD / BA brakes; electric power steering features; active driver assistance features, … With this safety device, the driver and passengers can safely accompany the car on all roads.

How much does Mercedes S450 cost

How much does the Mercedes S450 cost?

Currently, the latest Mercedes S450 model offers consumers three optional versions: Mercedes S450L Star, Mercedes S450L, Mercedes S450 Luxury. The latest Mercedes S450 price on the market ranges from VND 3,729 billion to VND 4,869 billion depending on the version, specifically as follows:

The latest Mercedes S450 price depends on the version

Mercedes S450 Price (VND billion)
Mercedes S450L Star version 3,729
Mercedes S450L version 4,249
Mercedes S450L Luxury version 4,860

Above is the latest Mercedes S450 price listed on the market. If you have a need to know the specific price of the wheel rolling Mercedes S450, please contact us directly to receive the most accurate price quote.

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