Karting Australia welcomed the New State Association of New South Wales, Karting Australia New South Wales Inc. (KANSW), and the elected Office Bearer, hailed a new era for this sport in the State.

Kansas was recently launched by four base clubs – Newcastle Kart Racing Club (NKRC), North Shore Kart Club (NSKC), Grafton Motorsports Club and Club Classic Cards – A new club that caters to classic racing and the history of the competition.

Working with the Kansas Foundation Club over the past few months is a refreshing experience, he said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O punched Reilly.

Their perception of having the power to be united, stable and cooperative, and better ways to run a State Association than before, will provide Karting in NSW with a solid foundation for the future. .

Saving Karting Australia is very pleased to welcome our new Association and Foundation Clubs to Karting Australia, and we also welcome and look forward to working closely with the founding Managing Director of Kansas.

Running four people is an impressive collection of dedicated and respected individuals with extensive experience in Karting – as a competitor and official – and business. They are all representatives of the Foundation Club.

Life member of the Newcastle Kart Racing Club, Dave Cunnington, was elected Kansas’s inaugural chairmanship, while Richard Hazard, North Shore Kart’s vice president, will assume the same role with the State. new. Veteran Karter Mark McKeddie was named Treasurer and Secretary of the Treasury Secretary Lyndsey Thompson of Grafton, with Newcastle’s Frank Terenzini as the Civil Servant.

Renowned Karting Manager John Martin has been announced as Kansas’s Chief Administrative Officer.

President Dave Cuenton said KANSW is laying the foundations for a happier and more feasible future for Karting in New South Wales.

The Kansas KANSW Foundation is an important step towards Karting in our State; It is an association that will be accessible, feasible and intends to provide a good experience for its membership clubs and karters, says Laugh.

That time is a time to shun the chaos and establish a strong, positive culture and an association that adhere to the strong values ​​of sport.

Kansas was formed from the Clubs Foundation, looking forward to linking with the NSW national regulatory agency – demand out of Karting voted to disconnect this sport nationwide by saying that it would not affiliated with KA.

Karting in NSW has been involved in turmoil and controversy for years, with the ongoing disruption having a significant impact on the health of the sport while creating confusion and discord.

Kansas has received the full support of other state agencies, all believing in unity in the division and adherence to the strong values ​​and culture that this sport encourages.

In close cooperation with the national agency, KANSW will soon be launching a range of announcements, including the more durable tires for the Club and Zonal competitions. Kansas reflects a dynamic team with comprehensive and positive outlook for all levels of Karting – Clubs, States and States – for the coming New Year.





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