Youth kite Maxim Kirwan made a bit of the history of the Hampton Downs Top Half Series in the 2018 finals in Tokoroa on Sunday, November 11.

Maxim makes history of the Top-Half Series at Tokoroa

At the age of seven, he was the youngest driver to receive the title. series in International Kart Supplies- sponsored class ROK Cadet.

He did it in style, being one of the only three winners in the conference to win the ring with four heat wins from the start of the year.

Kirwan also ranks third in The Round-for-Cash’s Giltrap Group / Robert Cunningham Construction / Duffett Door-back-Round, behind Carson Daly and Ethan Church.

Maxim makes history of the Top-Half Series at Tokoroa

This is Kirwan’s second-place finish in the 2018 season (he announced his third-best finish in Whangarei at the end of September). Monday’s winner was Rnd Riley Boswell, the third rd champion of Ethan Church.

Boswell also finished second with Kirwan in the overall rankings of the class with the third church and fourth Jamie Thompson.

The other karter, who announced the general and overall winners with a winning streak from four starts at Stihl Racetrack Shop Tokoroa Kart of KartSport Tokoroa is Mitchell Sparrow from Tuakau in the ROR Mini Ruk class sponsored dark High Kart. Sparrow, a 16-year-old national champion in the class, has won the ring from Ashton Phipps and Jake Young, and the title of the series from Taylor Payne, Hunter Robb and Ashton Phipps.

Maxim makes history of the Top-Half Series at Tokoroa

Other winners include Josh Richmond (Spartan Auto Dismantlers Junior Rotax), Sam Hunter (City Performance 125cc Rotax Max Light), Aarron Cunningham (TCB Motorsport 125cc Rotax Max Heavy), Shannon Noble (WRB Karting Supplies ClubSport 120) ), Jason Lee (Right Karts Rotax DD2), and Rhys Tinney (Westspeed Motorsport KZ2), and Ben Stewart (Power Supply Supreme Kart Vortex ROK DVS Junior).

Maxim makes history of the Top-Half Series at Tokoroa

Josh Richmond and Jason Lee also declared honor of the series in their respective classes.

In other categories, the titles came to Leo Scott (Vortex ROK DVS Jnr), Stephen Muggeridge (120 Sports Club), Brandon Lambert (KZ2), Caleb Hartley (125cc Rotax Max Heavy) and Braedan Snowden 125cc Rotax Max Light).

The final award was also given to Sam Wright (Advanced Improvement) and Dylan Grant (Improvisation).

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