The Ipswich Kart Club embarks on an ambitious Junior Development Program in 2018 that aims to provide a comfortable roadmap for Cadet and Junior Cadets to participate in racing, skill development and knowledge.

Nearly 200 try Karting is the Ipswich Development Juniors

About sports in the environment where they are encouraged and comfortable to move from social practice to competition and then provide a less frightening first experience as they start racing.

To provide this route, IKC has provided four Come and Try Days programs throughout the year and nearly 200 drivers participated in these days Come and Try Days and created many new members, many of whom now is racing or racing next year.

With many new Cadets and Juniors coming to the club and social practice, IKC then gave the driver the opportunity to attend our first Drive Development Day.

Hosted on September 22, this day offers an excellent opportunity for participants to speed up their learning and improve their grafting time dramatically. Our Coach Trainers and Coaches provide excellent support and guidance to those who attend and educate their parents.

Nearly 200 try Karting is the Ipswich Development Juniors

The Cadets involved also have the benefit of Cadet Driver experience demonstrating race start procedures, etc.

As a follow-up to the Junior Development Program, IKC has provided a Beginner’s Class at some Club Rounds throughout the year, to provide a less frightening first experience for the new cadet driver.

This was highlighted by a total of 9 Cadet beginners all competing in their first meeting within the Oct. 20 Club Round, most of them graduating through Driver Development Days a few weeks before.

The great success of the Junior Development Program in 2018 and the associated IKC Club Challenge Program, which has made a significant contribution to the Ipswich Kart Club, can increase the number of participants in the race to 12% by 2018. .

The success of the IKC Junior Development Program can not be achieved without the great support of many club members and industry partners who provide karts, racing apparel, driving training car and mechanical support.

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