Margay Racing is proud to announce that the Circuit of the Americas has become the latest authorized dealer of the Margay and Ignite race series hosts.

The new partnership between the racing industry leader Margay Racing and leading North American racing base, the Circuit of the Americas, focuses on bringing new riders to the racing sport. . Successfully in the Midwest, the Ignite racing series at COTA Karting will minimize barriers to entry for enthusiasts and turn fans into races. The nature of the program reduces the cost while maximizing driver development. Preparation The Margay Ignite kart is powered by a Briggs 206 engine that is sealed, centered on the driver rather than the driver’s purse.

“Like everything in Texas, this is great,” owner Margay Keith Freber said. “Our partnership with COTA Karting marks a milestone in the continued development of our Ignite Karting classes and we are very excited about the prospect of bringing new players to the sport at Such an outstanding base. The team at COTA Karting is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and simply doing everything in the first class way, we are happy to work with them, “Freber added. “The full Ignite season at COTA Karting will be a great way to engage in karting and hone your skills before joining us at Ignite Majors. We are really thrilled with the opportunity to develop karting family with our partners at COTA Karting, “Freber concluded.

The first COTA Karting racing calendar for 2019 will feature 10 races, starting with a double title on February 23-24. Participation in the Ignite program will be the IAME KA100 Junior and Senior classes. Like the Briggs 206, the IAME KA100 engine has received a lot of praise throughout the industry because it does not achieve performance, parity and reliability. The simplified class structure will ensure that racers have more time to watch and less time in the pits, while not requiring drivers to spend all day on the track.

“COTA Karting is happy to partner with Margay Racing to bring the world-class Ignite Series to Austin,” said COTA Karting’s Managing Director, Khai Nguyen. The Americas circuit appreciates the incredible reception of the community that has given our new karting facility and the desire to inspire more people to participate in the sport. Whether it is for competitive entertainment, COTA Karting is fun for everyone. “

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