Rosberg wins the Karting World Championship as the team owner

Nico Rosberg added another world title to his resume, and his Rosberg Racing Academy won the highest karting glory last weekend.

Earlier this year, the 2016 Formula One Drivers Champion teamed up with former kart instructor Dino Chiesa and Mercedes F1 partner Petronas to help support the career of meaningful young Italians Lorenzo Travisanutto and British Taylor Barnard.

Last weekend, both drivers won pole positions in their respective finals at the FIA ​​Karting World Championships in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Although Barnard was unable to stay in the top position and finished fourth in the youth competition, Travisanutto won in the senior category.

After celebrating with the team and the drivers, Rosberg acknowledged that helping to ensure the success of another world champion was “special” – albeit not in the cockpit.

Rosberg told, “This is everything that karting started doing for us – so doing it with my boss at the time, Dino, means it’s also a friendship.”

“There is a sense of competition again, which reminds me of the good times of the past. This is a wonderful experience.

“It’s so pure. It’s simpler, it just comes down to the talents of these people. There is no politics, no money involved: it’s just pure driving, talent and victory, that’s what I really, really love about go-karting.”

Although Rosberg was uneasy about Barnard’s inability to turn his pole into a victory, he said that Travisanutto performed very well.

“This is a complicated day. We are in the lead in the junior category and are at the top of the advanced category. We only have two drivers. So in 250 drivers, our two drivers are in them. The extreme of the category. This is very good.

“In the junior year, Taylor Barnard took the lead and suddenly returned to fourth place. So this is a very tough choice because I feel like they are always there. For these kids It is very difficult for them to say that in the one-day world championship, everything is online.

“Then the next final, this is our second chance as a team, Lorenzo won it. He made an amazing pass and got it, so it’s very cool. It’s very emotional with them. This is very, very special. Give me a special experience.”

Karting power

Rosberg said that there is now an ambitious force to turn Rosberg Racing Academy into a kart, and Chiesa’s own karting republic design is impressive.

“We are expanding there, and we hope to use it to become the dominant force in the kart world in the next few years because we have the best chassis.

“Dino made an incredible chassis for the first time, his own chassis, which is great. So this is really positioning itself as a strongman – the Mercedes F1 is equivalent in a kart. ”

Rosberg said he has not decided whether he will continue to focus on helping a new generation of go-karts or trying to take his current duo to the next level.

“I didn’t really think about the next step because it was pure and simple, and that was the first reason I did it,” he said. “But of course there may be some next steps.

“I have all the connections, and I have worked as a manager myself, and I also participated in the World Championships myself.

“So one day, maybe one day I might start thinking about getting involved and extending their careers, but that’s not what I think of now. Now it’s really simple – just enjoy it.”

However, Rosberg is well aware that although his fiercely competitive fire was once again ignited by the success of the karting, there is no indication that he would like to win the game for himself.

“No, no, no,” he said. “ended.”

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