Should I buy a Mercedes GLC 300?

Mercedes GLC is probably one of the most famous SUV brands in the world. MOM’s SUV is beautiful in terms of both interior and exterior design, with outstanding power.

If you are considering whether to buy a Mercedes GLC 300 or not, then this article will help you.

Why buy this car?

Brand elements

Brand elements

It can be said that the German car brand always won the hearts of Vietnamese consumers. When it comes to German cars, it’s nice to know how good it is and how good it is. But the name Mercedes Benz is more about car than a car brand from Germany.

Global popularity makes Mercedes Benz the world’s most valuable car brand in 2017. If you own a Mercedes Benz then the value of the brand will follow you. It is class, prestige and, of course, it is a sense of subtle beauty.

Design element

Not too conservative in design style that is the most accurate assessment of Mercedes Benz today. If it is old, classic, mom is extremely healthy and athletic. This helps Mercedes to maintain its leading position in the car industry.

The GLC 300 is designed to be a hybrid that combines a strong and sophisticated body with rounded edges. First of all, the grille along with 2 horizontal chrome-plated hinges, such as the big nose, is more prominent when the presence of the beautiful three-pointed star logo. , as a nose piercing, creates a whole body of personality, expresses itself as well as attracts all eyes.

Design element

Extends the hips, with the embossed design often found in SUV models. Comes with a bold, chrome-plated glass door that creates a glittering effect when light comes in, resonating with the doorknob that makes the GLC 300 become a haughty girl of its time. Upper.

The rear-view mirror of the GLC 300 has an electrically adjustable steering when the vehicle is in motion, moving on the road to help the driver identify the rear of the vehicle, while the vehicle does not work, we can fold the mirror, avoid the condition stealing or occupying large areas, affecting passersby.

Below, we will find a 19-inch wheels wheel with a modern multi-touch design, chrome-plated and brand logo rotating as the wheelchair, combined with run-flat tires to follow all terrain. , help the driver more confident when driving as well as increase the level of safety for passengers when participating in traffic. This version has pedestal step up and down the car, support for the passengers and the driver, on the pedestal there is the appearance of the brand has the ability to glow fancy.

The dual exhaust manifold is lowered along with the rear bumper, at the same time the C-column is swept back so that the GLC 300 looks more solid. Going back, the brightest part can not ignore the backlight bulb with full LED trend, with the horizontal design sticking behind the tail combined with fast flashlight safe for everyone.

And yet, the interior is extremely luxurious and classy with premium leather and wood trim. Airy space with sunroof, adjustable seat positions. Surely the owner of the car will have the most relaxing and entertaining moments.

Operating element

Operating element

In order to enhance the excitement as well as stimulate the exploration and discovery of the driver, Mercedes Benz is fully supported when the GLC 300 is equipped with 5 different personalities including Sport +, Sport, Individual, Comfort and finally is ECO. Meanwhile, in the position of steering wheel three-spoke, integrated between the suspension and the need to shift to modern numbers, helping the driver easier and more convenient when driving traffic.

Also if you want a similar car but the price is cheaper. Then the Mercedes GLC 200 is the right choice. Because the car is a fraction of the other parts than the GLC 300. All factors should buy the full with the GLC 200. So the choice is yours.

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