Finals Day brings mixed results to the Australian team in Brazil’s hot and humid South American city!

It is time to redeem Junior Junior Driver Jaiden Pope, who has made great efforts since RMCGF 2017.

The Pope was sent back in the field early in the race and impressed the driver back to the second and only ran out of round just completing the two-meter long kart behind the current world champion. TWM team-mate, William-sider William Seal fought around the 14th for most of the race but through the dives and challenges fell back to end his first World Final event in the twenties. seconds.


Captain Kennedy battled it in a DD2 finals near to see only a 10m difference in crossing the finish line between the first and fifth places. Ryan ranked fifth with Aussie Ryan Wood was adopted shortly after him in sixth place. This brings us closer to a second Woods DD2 race meeting. Our third driver, Damian Ward, struggled early in the week but managed to save thirteenth place in the final.

NSW driver Trevor Whitby was shocked at his results at the first Rotax Max Challenge final. “I’m probably a conservative through the heat because we wanted to jump big but now it’s time Be positive and see what we can do. “As a result, Trevor has progressed from twenty to seventeen. Terry Hanly tried to avoid a two turn incident but unfortunately ended and did not participate in the race. Hanly moves forward.

Kiwi-Aussie Josh Hart, who tried early to find a way to work and drive exceptionally well to finish in eleventh. Queensland’s Ben Jurczak, who this week was his own mechanic and drove at full speed for a week and kept the nose clean but unfortunately went over and crashed into the tire wall after joining Jurczak in the end. Retire in DNF.

In a clean race, Shayne Piper’s Motor Race winner Costa Toparis moved from ninth to fifth at the first Mini Max World Finals event. Costa will be one of the viewers in the Sparco Rotax Pro Tour 2019.

He ended the week with some good luck and finished the final. Micro Max driver Jake Rutkowski completed an impressive 17th wheel of the wheel during the final. Jake should be proud of how he performed himself through the weeks despite his luck still active and racing for what it was. It is a commendable attitude when you have such an age.

In the national trophy determined based on the results of the Australian team once again had a strong second place on the podium against nearly sixty other nations.

In Australia, you have made the Karting community proud in another strong year at the Rotax Max Challenge Finals. We wish you all a safe home and look forward to meeting you all at Todd Road in January to begin our journey to the World Finals in 2019.

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