Rock Island Grand Prix

Not many events in karting sport maintain their status long enough to reach 25 years. Rock Island Grand Prix is ​​one of the races. The Quad City of Illinois and Iowa will host the 25th edition of this iconic event on August 31 – September 1, 2019.

Rock Island Grand Prix

Labor Day weekends gather together riders from across the North. The US and some countries around the world come to the Mississippi River bank every year to push their limits on their 6-way, 6-mile, straight-forward course. As always, riders appear in drivers to chase one of the Rock ‘trophies, only for the first to reach the checkered flag.

RIGP opened in 1994 and after three years of operation, 1997 was the only year that the event was not conducted. The long time that Rock Island Grand Prix has been run perfectly represents its ability to grow with the industry. At first, the event was very well-organized and when it became famous, the big teams and top riders broke into the event. The return of many base riders and categories has boosted growth in the past few years, when the race reached 300 points in the sections in 2017.

EKN deflects David Cole OnTrack with the TB Kart Indy at Rock Island Grand Prix 2018 (Photo: Christian Marsh)

Rock Island Grand Prix

In an era where volunteerism is declining for motor racing, RIGP has continued to work with an incredible crew. A fact often overlooked by most sports is that every Rock Island GP event is possible thanks to the hard work, effort and passion of a core group of people who spend hundreds of hours preparing and performing. two-day street race. They built a temporary circuit and festival for 10 hours from Friday night to Saturday morning, put on two days of racing, and brought the area back to normal streets overnight on Sunday evening. It has no easy task. It took months of planning and, of course, money could even make the event happen before the kart hit the road on Saturday morning.

Nothing secret when we are here at like racing on the street and we love Rock Island Grand Prix. It is a special part of our sport and its history in the United States. While there are other street races across the country, there is nothing suitable for nostalgia and the feeling of walking to 4th Avenue on Friday of the event, starting the construction of the track and cargo truck. Roll down the road to enter the changing yard.

Rock Island Grand Prix is ​​starting a celebration for the 25th edition of the event. In a recent email sent to rivals, teams and media, RIGP is looking to improve and seek help in this year’s event plan. Below is a statement by the RIGP committee to look for what riders want for the event in 2019 and beyond.

Rock Island Grand Prix

In 2019, Rock Island Grand Prix, the world’s largest street race, will celebrate its 25th anniversary. This is the biggest weekend event of the year on Rock Island and one of the top festival weekends in Quad-city.

In preparation, we are reaching out to all of our friends for ideas on how to improve it. We need your idea. We are looking for:

  • Interesting ancillary activities that you may have seen at other events
  • An idea once to celebrate 25 years
  • Trusted groups we can partner with (or can take over) planning and production of events
  • New donors can or other partners can benefit from participation
  • Individuals will make good additions to our planning committee. There are many opportunities even if you are not a race fan.
  • Unique ways to expand your exposure and reach many of our dedicated partners and sponsors
  • The more and anything else can come to mind.

We hope the best years of the Grand Prix will still come. The 25th year provides a great opportunity to consider. We have done everything in a certain way for a long time. The world is changing. The foundation of our organizers is aging. We can blow up the event and do it differently, revise the edges or pack with the knowledge that it brings a huge impact on Quad-city racing in the world and sports in general. A lot depends on the reactions we get.

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